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SEIKO's Mechanical World Time watches were produced from 1964 through 1976

Direct Data Access

View a Quick Tutorial: How to use the Data Grid

This is an interactive data analysis tool that will allow you to sort and filter through the data. You can remove columns by dragging them off the grid, or reorganize them by dragging them to a new position. You can filter and sort multiple columns at a time.

You can also visualize your grid selection as a Thumbnail Gallery by clicking on the Thumbnail Gallery option once you have set your grid filter and sort options.

NOTE: There are a lot of columns here - unless your have a very large screen - the columns are scrolling off to the right for some distance. You can use your mouse or finger (on touch devices) to scroll to the right to seem more. The first 3 columns are locked to keep a reference point during the scroll.

Production Chart

This chart shows the minimum production and cataloged watches count for the entire data set. Click on a year to drilldown and view the data by month within the year. Use the dropdown below to filter to just specific models.

Serial Number Sequencing

This chart plots each cataloged serial number into a monthly grouping within a year. The groupings following the first two digits of the serial no, sorted in date order.

Plot points in BLUE represent model numbers end in 0, e.g. 6117-6010 and 6117-6400.
Plot points in RED represent model numbers ending in a 9, e.g. 6117-6019 and 6117-6409.

Production Timing

This chart provides an integrated timeline of all watches produced in this generation.

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